Police deployed to intimidate GBM

More Police have been deployed in Kasama, this time to intimidate former Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba.
And Matero MP Miles Sampa is expected to fly to Kasama on Friday to dish out money to party cadres who will in turn denounce GBM.
A Kasama resident told the Watchdog that there is a sudden heavy presence in Kasama ‘in circumstances that would look like GBM being banished to his Kasama House.’

Due to heavy police presence, Mwamba has even canceled his planned Christmas visit to a school in the area.
Said a source: ‘PF Government want to instill fear in Kasama residents, once again. Today, GBM was supposed to donate Christmas gifts to Chileshe Chepela, a school for the disabled but he could not because of the deployed Police in Kasama.’

Another source said ‘tomorrow, Commerce Deputy Minister Miles Sampa will come here to Kasama in the morning using an Airforce plane, wasting tax-payers money and his mission will be to bring money for some PF cadres to start causing disturbances in Kasama against GBM.’

But sources warned that ‘by this act alone, PF will be finishing itself and we are going to make sure we go to the by-election and shame them. Our brothers and sisters at Chileshe Chepela, the disabled would have received some help today.’

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