Police detain Chabu’s maid, brother & pick safe

Police detain Chabu’s maid, brother & pick safe


Pimg_1197olice have detained Chabu Benos’ brother Mumba, her maid and have picked up her young daughter. This is in their continued investigation of the killing of Reeves Malambo, the slain Lusaka businessman.

Police have also picked the safe box at Chabu’ s house and were by 18 hours local time trying to open it. Police found some money in Mumba’s car. He is aged 22.

Even though they have picked up the little daughter, police sources say this has nothing to do with her being molested by the deceased and that In fact there was no such thing but was only picked to help with investigation.

One police source said Reeves found Chabu with another man and that could have sparked the fight.

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