Police detain former minister Mwale in unknown location

Police detain former minister Mwale in unknown location

Police Monday night picked up former Mines minister Maxwell Mwale and held him at a location his lawyers do not know.

Meanwhile, some Zambian businessmen of Indian origin are living in fear due to harassment by the PF government using police officers and cadres.

Maxwell Mwale was picked up Monday night

Police working under the silently re-constituted Task Force on corruption searched Mwale’s house in Lusaka where they found seven bicycles before taking him with them.

His lawyer Sakwiba Sikota was by Monday night trying to locate the whereabouts of Mwale, according to sources close to Mwale.

And the Watchdog has been informed that police are arbitrary searching warehouses of Indian businessmen in Kwamwla trading area under the guise of looking for MMD property.

The police and PF cadres are also said to be demanding money from Indians in exchange for freedom.

And some PF cadres are making money from scared former government officials by leaking information of the names on the target list.

The PF officials, some very senior government officials, are alerting MMD officials on who will be searched next and at what time.

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