Police detain GBM’s nephew, head of security

Police in Lusaka have locked up a nephew of Kasama MP Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM) and the head of security at Arizona, a firm for GBM.
The two were arrested for retrieving a truck from one of the Arizona drivers who had diverted the company truck to do his private businesses without authorisation. Aason Mumba disappeared with a truck for four days. He was assigned to drive from Kitwe to Lusaka but ‘disappeared.’

The Company launched a search for the driver and the truck until on Thursday when they were tipped that Mumba was offloading timber at Buseko Market. The company does not know the owner of the timber.
GBM’s nephew Eric Nsofu and the chief security officer apprehended the driver who was paid K4,000 and took him to the offices of Arizona.

Eric reported the matter to a police post C 19 in the Industrial area.
But the Police, under instruction from the some higher authorities, decided to arrest Nsofu and the security officer. The police dispatched 8 heavily armed officers from the C- 5 unit to Arizona premises to arrest Eric and the Chief security Officer after. Aason Mumba claimed he had been assaulted by the duo. This was after he had been summarily dismissed.

The duo are detained at Central Police Station on assault charges and yet the Police have completely ignored a clear case of theft by servant. They have been in jail since Thursday.

‘This case is clear that the Police command are under instruction to cripple GBM due to his stance on the current political leadership of the PF and Government. The police have not issued bond to the duo simply because they wish to this to be perceived that GBM instructed them to carry out the alleged assault which has become a hallmark of all his thieving employees that are dismissed and influenced by the executive ,’ said a person close the happenings.

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