Police fail to find witnesses in City Market fire

Police fail to find witnesses in City Market fire

Police Inspector General (PIG) Kakoma Kanganja is said to be having sleepless nights because he can not find any credible witness to testify in the Lusaka City Market fire case, Asource from within the Police has disclosed.


The source said there is no one who can testify in court that he or she saw the twelve people who are detained torch the market.

The source further says what has compounded the issue is that the stand where the fire started from had no power for days and is owned by a PF sympathiser.

” He is spending sleepless nights because he told the public that twelve suspects have been apprehended and will appear in court soon and this was more than two weeks ago.

“However there is no one that we can take to court as a witness to say he or she saw them. The management for that market is PF, the Internal Security is PF and the fire started after state police handed over to management. We are in dilema,” the source said.

The source said “to add salt to an injury, all the detained persons were picked from Livingstone. ” All of them where picked from Livingstone and it is very easy for them to have an alibi and say we where not in Lusaka at the material day” the source said. The source said what the Police was now doing was to try to torture the detained so that among them they can find fake witnesses. ” We may end up having fake witnesses due to torture but that would be very unfair to others. I think the story of the PF having torched the market could be true. For how can someone expkain that within a week after the fire the state had come up with the design of the new market approved, budget of US20million prepared and contractor identified when advanced countries like Britain are still investigating the cause of the fire that gutted a high rise building two months ago?” the source said.

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