Police fail to prosecute Mucheleka

Police fail to prosecute Mucheleka

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The PF state has discontinued the case of UPND ‘ Patrick Mucheleka and four others in the kasama magistrate court….

The five were accused of malicious damage.

But the only thing they damaged is PF.

During a by-election last year, and in order to help PF, police in Northern Province arrested UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka and two others and charged them with aggravated robbery.

Northern Province Police Commissioner Richard Mweene said that the trio attacked a mobile NRC registration office, stole a printer and genset, among other items.

“On 13th September, 2020, at 13:00, some UPND cadres attacked and robbed a mobile NRC registration office of one printer, a genset, laminating machine, an adapter, blank NRC cards, processed NRC cards, carbon paper and a camera. In addition, they maliciously damaged three type writers and a kiosk. Thereafter, they fired two gunshots in the air and threatened people with machetes. This occurred at Chitamba village in Kasama. In connection with the matter, we have detained three people, namely, Patrick Mucheleka, aged 55 of Luwingu, Elias Mubanga, aged 53, and Samuel Ngwira, aged 42. We have charged them with offences of aggravated robbery and malicious damage to property and will appear in court soon. Their offences are non-bailable,” said Mweene.

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