Police failing to deal with criminals in Kitwe

Ba Watchdog hide my I.D. And please help me express my disappointment with the Zambia Police here in Kitwe.

Here in Kitwe’s kwacha area there is a group of nearly 20 boys who have been committing terrible crimes, they call themselves S.O.D. (Sons Of the Devil) they are the people responsible for most attacks were they would beat up a person to death, they are the people responsible for the robbery of over 20 Computers at Lulamba Basic School here in Kitwe killing a security guard.
And just this morning they almost killed a school boy from Mitanto school in Kwacha Beating him till he lost concious. No one could help the defenceless boy coz everyone is afraid of been the S.O.D. next target when people tried to call the Police the response was that they had no fuel.. Ala here we can’t even freely move around after 19hrs. The Police is very well aware of this terrorizing group but they can’t help us in anyway. Were else can we look to?? Please help me send this message to who ever out there who can help us.


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