Police failure to arrest PF killers leads to violence

Police failure to arrest PF killers leads to violence


maybe sensitive to some readers. We apologize but it’s important to show this.

We don’t condone or support violence, but the PF regime killed and tortured a lot of people during its satanic reign. People in communities know who the PF thugs that killed and terrorized people are.

These members of community wanted these criminals to be arrested and be prosecuted in courts of law. But this is not happening because the police , the judicially, the DPP’s office are all still being controlled by PF supporters so the PF killers are walking free and even mocking UPND. This is causing consternation and agitation in communities that were terrorized by PF.
People are still extremely angry with what PF did and if these PF criminals are not arrested by the police, members of society will continue resorting to such unfortunate reactions.

The guy in the video may look like a victim now but he did worse things to others.

Stop the violence by arresting criminals.

We do not understand why the police are swift to arrest UPND cadres but have not arrested PF thugs who murdered innocent

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