Police flee from station after death

Four Police officers have fled from Makasa Railway Police station in Mungwi district following the death of a man the allegedly beat up.

Sources told the Watchdog that police officers went to arrest a suspect in Ndakala village in chief Makasa’ area but in the operation, an unnamed 30-year old man yelled at the officers.

The officers are said to have apprehended the man and took him to the police station where they allegedly beat him before locking him in the inquiries room for the whole night.

But in the morning yesterday, when the officers opened the door to the inquiries room, they found that then man who was locked up around 19 hours had died, explained the source.

Realizing this, the officers locked the door again with the body inside and took off for fear of been attacked by irate villagers.

By 18 hours yesterday, the door to the inquiries room was still locked up as officers from the next police station had not arrived at the scene

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