Police formally arrest Akapelwa for accusing Sata of employing Bembas only

Police formally arrest Akapelwa for accusing Sata of employing Bembas only

By Moses Kuwema
Post newspaper: Wed 06 Mar. 2013, 14:00 CAT

POLICE have formally arrested a Ministry of Finance employee, Sisiku Akapelwa, for defaming President Michael Sata.

Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela confirmed the arrest, saying Akapelwa, who is a senior economist in the ministry, had been arrested for defamation of the President, contrary to section 69 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Kanjela said Akapelwa would appear in court soon.
Akapelwa’s formal arrest comes after a citizen’s arrest effected on him by Lusaka mayor Daniel Chisenga on Saturday.
Chisenga said that Akapelwa referred to President Michael Sata as a stupid person.

“We went to Kabwe on Saturday and we arrived back in Lusaka around 12:00 hours. I was dropping the gentleman who accompanied me in Woodlands. We decided to buy some water at Mutende Lodge in Woodlands. When we went to the counter, we found this man, he was just something else. He was talking on top of his voice. He had an argument with his girlfriend so he started insulting and he was totally out of control,” explained Chisenga.

“Surprisingly, he now comes and says ‘all of you here are being stupid like the PF government and President Michael Sata’. I said, ‘how does the President come in this matter? How does the PF government come in? You are drunk and can you retract your statement because this is very serious’. Then he says, ‘I cannot retract my statement. I know I am a civil servant.

I still maintain my statement because this PF government is just employing Bemba people’. He said so many things, then I told him ‘no! You are going beyond board and I will not allow you to disrespect the President in such a manner,’ and that’s how I called the CIO at Woodlands. He wanted to run away but we cornered him and took him together with the girlfriend to Woodlands Police Station.” narrated Chisenga.

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