Police go for opposition lawyers



Zambia Police have summoned Senior counsel Martha Mushipe at 10.30hrs at Force Headquarters today.The reasonable for the the summon remain unknown.Martha Mushipe has been a dedicated UPND counsel for many years.She was very instrumental in the 2016 presidential election petition as well as the General election announcements. Madam Mushipe ‘s desire for a just hearing at the constitutional court is one which has been chronicled in the Zambia Law report for having taken on the full bench at the constitutional court when miscarriage of justice was witnessed in a presidential petition. The PF lawyers advanced that Martha Mushipe’s openness to take on the bench for what she termed as misconduct amounted to indiscipline and therefore called for the Law Association of Zambia to punish her.Mushipe is also on record of having had her Law Firm searched by state police for no valid reason but total abuse of her rights as a citizen. We also wish to put it on record that many party members and UPND sympathizers are likely to face similar summons under Edgar Lungu’s illegal leadership should the party opt not to bring such matters to international attention.We call upon all the members to be highly supportive of all members who fall into similar persecutions.



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