Police grant permit for launch of Red Card Campaign on Youth Jobs

Zambia’s Open Society Foundation was granted a police permit on Tuesday, 6th March 2011 and as such will proceed with its official launch and the unveiling of its Red Card Campaign on Youth Jobs.
The foundation seeks to take advantage of the national youth day to communicate to the Government of Zambia the true feelings and challenges being faced by youths across the country.
The foundation is strongly opposed to sugar-coated addresses and speeches presented during the youth day celebrations which do not resonate with the challenges of the NOW! After the launch of the foundation and unveiling of the Red Card Campaign on Youth Jobs, the initiative will embark on youth rallies across the country to sensitize youths about their need to hold those holding public office accountable as well as remind them of the wealth Zambia possesses.
The Red Card Campaign on Youth Jobs is categorical in calling on Government to ensure that the country’s youth benefit from the Copper resources through the re-introduction of the windfall mining tax.
The Red Card Campaign on Youth Jobs wants the PF Government to deliver and as such, will not allow them to go to sleep because they must deliver on their promises made to the electorate. Government must realize that its all about the economy and nothing else. The youth of Zambia await lower taxes, more jobs and more money in their pockets. The Zambian youths have been patient but it must be understood that in their hands, they hold the red card which they will flash during the next election. The Red Card Campaign on Youth Jobs is about Zambian youths reaching out to Government and it is up to the Government to hold that hand or to despise it. Whatever the case, it is the youth who will have the last laugh should Government remain aloof.
Sunday Chilufya Chanda
Executive Director
Open Society Foundation
1762 Lubambe Road, Northmead, Lusaka, Zambia

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