Rigging exposure: Police harass Post journalists

Police in Lusaka have recorded warn-and-caution statements from Post Newspaper managing editor Joan Chirwa and reporter Kombe Mataka over the timely advice by veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga that the August 11 tripartite elections may be rigged.
In The Post edition of January 9, 2016, Mwaanga advised the opposition to watch carefully the tallying of votes as that is where the critical rigging is likely to take place. The PF immediately sponsored one of their aspiring MPs Bowman Lusambo and comedian Cosmo Mumba to report Mwaanga to police claiming the statement has potential to cause anarchy indeed the PF rigs the elections.

The police summoned Mwaanga and attempted to intimidate him but the unfazed Mwaanga later commented that the PF had actually asked him to help them ‘win’ elections.

The police then resorted to intimidating journalists working for Post newspaper.
According to the Daily PF Mail, Post Newspaper editor-in-chief Fred M’membe has not yet appeared for interviews because he was not around at the time the story was published.

Joana Chirwa and Kombwe Mataka arrived at Lusaka Central Police Station at 10:00 hours in the company of their lawyers Nchima Nchito and Chisuwo Hamwela.
They were interviewed from 10:00 hours to about 14:00 hours.

The PF is banking on tribalism and rigging to win the elections so any information that exposes their secret weapon annoys them.

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