Police have become MMD militia-Fr Miha

Mission Press Director Father Drevensek Miha has described as criminal Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde’s request for numbers of reporters from Zain.

Father Miha says such acts are proving that the police service which is supposed to be protecting people has been turned into a militia.
He says the police has become an MMD militia wing instead of serving the interests of the Zambian people.
Father Miha observes that the police service has ceased to be a serious and professional service under the leadership of Mr Kabonde.
He added that the directive by Mr Kabonde requesting for numbers of journalists from Zain should be treated as a criminal case because it demands striping the subscribers of Zain their privacy.
He expresses sadness that the relevant authorities have remained quiet over the matter.
Father Miha said this in a telephone interview with Qfm.
And Father Miha says Government has no choice but to release the Valuation report of ZAMTEL by RP Capital.
He says ZAMTEL is a public entity that requires people to know the transactions involved.
He says Zambians have a right to be suspicious of the 75 percent sale of ZAMTEL shares as long as Government continues to refuse to make the Valuation report public.

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