Police hunt for a witchdoctor

Police in Siavonga have launched a man hunt for a named witchdoctor that allegedly administered medicine on two sisters who later died.

Sources at Siavonga police station told ZANIS in an interview Friday they were taking frantic efforts to apprehend a Lusaka based witchdoctor who is said to have given medicine to the two sisters.

The sisters, Esnart Mujae aged 38 and Sabeta Mwanja 46, both of Simasanga village in Siavonga district died on Wednesday after receiving and taking the medicine given to them by the witchdoctor.

The witchdoctor was in the area treating sick people.

A medical report from Siavonga district hospital indicated that the two died of suspected poisoning.

And village headman Stanley Simasanga confirmed to ZANIS that the two sisters had been sick hence they sought treatment from the witchdoctor.

Headman Simasanga said the witchdoctor gave the two sisters some powdered medicine, assuring them that they would be cured once they drunk it.

He disclosed that the witchdoctor prescribed the same type of medicine to the sisters one of whom had a mental problem and another paralyzed legs.

He said the witchdoctor was paid the sum of K200, 000 and three chickens for the prescribed powdered medicine.

Headman Simasanga explained that immediately after taking the medicine, the two sisters started complaining of abdominal pains and later started vomiting and developed diarrhea, a situation that led to their death.

He said the bodies of the two sisters were later taken to Siavonga hospital where medical authorities pronounced them dead and took them to the brought in dead section.

Headman Simasanga charged that the witchdoctor fled the village after news of the death of the two sisters reached him.

The bodies will undergo a postmortem before burial takes place.

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