Police hunt Zambia Watchdog editor in Botswana

The Zambia police has  sent a team of police officers to Botswana to search for the editor of the Zambia Watchdog, this website.

Sources within the security system have revealed that the Zambia intelligence (OP)  have got information that the editor is based in Botswana and therefore have sent officers to arrest him from there.

‘The OP got information from one of its agents placed at UNICEF. This person is one of your volunteer writers but he is our person’, said one source. ‘Be careful with your sources of information’, a source advised.

And a number of contacts for the Watchdog have revealed that they have been receiving threats from ‘unknown people’.

Two  contacts have explained  that the whole of the last weekend, they have been receiving anonymous calls from people threatening to kill them.

This is in the ongoing case where the police are hunting editors and writers of the Watchdog.

The police want to charge the Watchdog writers for contempt of court and other crimes.

So far, the police have arrested a civil servant Emmanuel Mwamba whom they believe is a writer for the Watchdog.

Mwamba is currently on police bond after spending a week in jail.

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