Police IG, Civil society confer over honking

Police boss Kabonde looks ready to shoot noise makers

Police boss Kabonde looks ready to shoot noise makers

Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde and representatives of the 18 civil society organisations spearheading the protests to force government to appeal agains the acquittal of Fredrick Chiluba had a meeting Tuesday.

Official details of the meeting are yet to emerge but the Watchdog has been informed Kabonde told the NGOs that the police will not tolerate any more noise pollution in the city.

According to police sources, Kabonde told the NGO that the police will mobilse enough officers and arrest anyone who will be found honking even if it means locking up every one in Lusaka.

Sources said that Kabonde read out to the NGO representatives the penal code on traffic offenses and advised them to protest in a legal manner like holding a rally after getting a police permit.

The NGOs explained to the police boss that their intention is not to bring down government or cause an uprising but that they want proper justice to prevail in the Fredrick Chiluba case.

They did not agree to abandon the honking and whistling but said they will seek legal opinion on the matter and that they had to report back to the entire consortium.

When contacted for a comment, Transparency International Executive Director Goodwell Lungu confirmed that the meeting took place but said an official statement will be issued tomorrow (Wednesday) morning

“Official statement is coming out tomorrow. The meeting took place yes,’ said Lungu in an email response.

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