Police IG Kanganja accused of projecting Kaizer Zulu

Police IG Kanganja accused of projecting Kaizer Zulu

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has been accused of shielding State House Special Assistant for Politics, Kaizer Zulu.

The four people that Zulu abducted, brutalized and locked up for many days at Lusaka Central Police have said Police are refusing to open a docket against Zulu despite being availed with medical reports.

The medical reports show that the four suffered injuries from the battery and brutality at the hands of Zulu.

The victims; Mason Mweemba, Saul Amasipoti, Bernard Ndshindo and Jerry Senge say the Police have not taken statements from them since they started pursuing the matter on Wednesday after their four-day horror experience.

On Saturday, Zulu in company of Mpangwe Kachingwe and another thug known as Rafique beat up the four accusing them of being “assassins”.

This occurred at Chita Lodge Kafue, when the four were accused of taking pictures of Zulu with the hookers he was with, and the speed boats he parks at the Chita Lodge harbour.

Zulu also confiscated their phones and Laptops and he accused them of being “assassins”.

Zulu brandishing two guns fired various shots, brutalized and abducted the four.

He later locked them up at Lusaka Central Police Station without any charge.

But Kanganja is being accused of preventing the investigations and arrest of Zulu.

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