‘Police IG Libongani’s bad activities’


Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani has defied the Police and Prisons Service Commission’s directive and subsequently President Sata. The PPSC recently directed Libongani through the Ministry to effect some transfers.

But Libongani vehemently refused and told her confidant Namachila who is the Director of Administration, that only upon her dead body.

The PPSC by law is the supreme body for the Zambia Police Service & Prisons Service and acts in the name and on behalf of the President, it’s like the Defence Council for the Military.

The letter directed that Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Charles Lungu be made to act as Deputy Commissioner of Police and assumes Command as Paramilitary Commanding Officer VICE Chewe Bowa who is on three year study leave, this she has done but Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr Chongo who is supposed to take over as the Police Intelligence officer has not taken over, this is the office the Criminal deputy intelligence Nawa wants to get through his tribal sister Libongani, this Nawa was transferred to Tazara but refused to move with backing of IG.

This Biology secondary school teacher Libongani is a tribalist, read this: she recently transferred Assistant Commissioner of Police Ngandu who was the Quarter Master and told him to wait at home for deployment and made a Superintendent Munembo (LOZI) to act as Quarter master when there was a senior officer who was Deputy to Ngandu, Senior Superintendent Phiri imagine?

The situation was only corrected when the PPSC visited Police HQS on familiarisation tour and after inviting questions from officers, it was at this time that the aggrieved Phiri told the Commissioners and wondered how a junior officer would act when there was a senior officer, where is discipline? The Commission promised to rectify and they have since done that, though the poor guy is just a figure head or ceremonial as Libongani only deals with Munembo, one has just to count how many times Munembo is called to see Libongani to add 2 & 2 together, Quarter master’s office deals with suppliers and IG wants to make a fortune before she leaves and hence its safer for her to have a tribal (LOZI) than someone from another province, remember the issue of Nawa (LOZI) she also wants to have Muyambago (LOZI) or puppet Musole to take over as Director of CID from Alex Chilufya (BEMBA) and to have Copperbelt Division taken over by Mumbuna(LOZI)  who is CID boss there from Mary Tembo. So Madam Tembo, Chilufya and Chongo take care you may be out soon as this woman is serious and seems to have her way. This Nawa has been in a steamy relationship with Deputy Director of CID Sharron Cheelo, (TONGA) they started long time when both were at Lusaka Division why all this is because Cheelo has been working with Nawa against her boss Chilufya’ you see all these battles if not checked will turn the Service into a Police State controlled by power hungry Libongani.

Do you know how she has been scheming to remove Chingaipe, she went to cry before Drug Enforcement Commissioner Alita Mbhawe and Anti-Corruption Commission madam Wandi that she wanted to resign because she was failing to work because of Chingaipe, she cried and cried and those ladies comforted and encouraged her to soldier on, she knew at the back of her calculated mind that the information would leak and Peter will pay the price indeed the information leaked to State House,Peter paid for crying baby.

When Libongani was deputy to Dr Malama, the President called her and wanted to find out from her why they had transferred some officers from state house and other issues, Libongani refused and told Sata that Malama didn’t consult her and that she was not involved when she knew and from that time Malama’s days were numbered after four months was booted.

Now that she was on top she changed the strategy that Peter was against her how? When you are IG you can listen and consult your Lieutenants but at the end of the day as IG you make a decision and you are fully responsible for that decision whether your subordinates like you or not. Unfortunately we shall see what strategy she will employ to finish the one only and only PHD holder since history of Police Service.

Dr. Jere Take care.

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