Police IG warns doctors

Police IG warns doctors


I wish to begin by dispelling reports being circulated in some quarters of the media that Zambia Police arrested and detained a lot of Resident Medical Doctors. To the contrary, only one Medical Doctor was called and interviewed by the Police.

I therefore, wish to express my displeasure on the conduct of some Resident Medical Doctors who staged an Unlawful Assembly at their Hostels at UTH in Lusaka today. Their conduct was uncalled for and shall at no point be condoned by police.

It has come to our attention that not all those that paraded themselves as protesters are Medical Doctors but that among them were importers who joined with the aim of deceiving the public. This was evidenced by normal and smooth operations without any disruption of medical services at the health facility.

It is evident that this action is politically motivated and as police, we will follow up this matter to the end.

I am warning the doctors that, if such conduct continues, they risk having their association deregistered with the Registrar of Societies as their activities are in contravention of their Constitution presented to the Registrar of Societies at the time of registration.

I therefore advise those that would want to continue with their illegal activities as was demonstrated today , to reconsider their position or risk being arrested.



Issued on 31st May, 2021

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    musonda 3 weeks ago

    Is Kanganja normal…if pf looses power you should be the first one to be fired and arrested…

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    Why warn Doctors if yiu claim those protesting were importes? Stupid IG

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    Buck Teeth Lungu 3 weeks ago

    PFuck the PFolice PForce! What a dunderhead IG! What “importers” were protesting with the doctors? If the operations at the health facility were normal why is he panicking? We all know that having an average IQ is no longer even a minimum qualification. You just have to be a PFucking PF cadre like Kanganja. Give us a break!

  • comment-avatar

    Imagine a useless IG warning doctors that, they will be deregistered. Whose job is it to warn doctors, a clear case of a useless police man that doesn’t know what his duties are.

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    SIBERT 3 weeks ago

    ISAIAH 60:1-18

  • comment-avatar

    How does this idiot warn Doctors? Fuck you. Go and warn pf cadres

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    Kenny 3 weeks ago

    Is IG okay in the head? So if I demand my overdue salary it becomes a politically motivated action? Awe KK you need to be fired so you can go to the village and rest. I think you are no longer reasoning. I am really shocked you could even make a press statement to this effect. Do you not have people to advise you? What a shame!

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    Nyambe 3 weeks ago

    Just how the fuc.k can someone be arrested for Unlawful Assembly at their home? Once Lungu is removed this August, thus Angolan MalyaMungu must be shot dead!