Police impound Fred M’membe’s trucks loaded with stolen copper

The Ant-Copper Theft Unit in Solwezi have impounded 2 Trucks fully loaded with stolen Copper allegedly owned by Post Newspaper editor In Chief Fred M’membe who is a self-pronounced moral lecturer through his Post editorial corner.

A check at Police station in Solwezi found two Post Courier trucks loaded with the Zambia Copper destined for sale outside the country. But the police are under pressure to release the trucks and found some other people to blame.

Fred Mmembe, the owner of the PF vuvuzela wing Post newspaper, is among the people who are the greatest beneficiary of the on-going corrpution in the current government and recently acquired a number of Volvo trucks which he uses to haul Zambian copper to various borders.

He even went to the extent of further crucifying his not-so clean friend Clive Chirwa and had him removed from Zambia Railways as Chief Executive Officer.

Chirwa had entered into some contracts with mining companies to use rail transport for such cargo instead of roads, a decision that was unpopular with Fred Mmembe.

Writing on his vision for Zambia Railways on Friday, Chirwa stated in reference to Mmembe and cartel, that there had been an anti-development group working against him.
“The anti-development group for the railway in Zambia is not composed of illiterate people. This group has many facets from political garbage hiding behind persona incognito to some truck owners who have heavily invested in the lorries with borrowed money.

The change in a working railway is perceived as a threat to their businesses and they would rather curtail national development for selfish ends in copper haulage business. The other facet is composed of retrogressive government officials who travel abroad a lot in pretence to attending exhibitions and general meetings. As soon as they get to the airport on their return, they dump in the bin the collected brochures from the exhibitions to provide space for one more pair of cheap shoes for someone who is not part of their family. The anti-development group is only interested in chaos because that is when they thrive. The losers are the people of Zambia who want to see real development not numerous shopping malls that sales unaffordable products to them,” he stated.

It is so far not clear how much help Mmembe will get from his ailing friend at State House for the release of those trucks.

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