Police impound UPND campaign van

Police in Kabwe have impounded a UPND campaign van and are targeting some more and want to arrest some party youths after an incident in which Kabwe thug lawyer Tutwa Ngulube attacked the opposition convoy and fired three bullets in the air on Saturday.

The branded Toyota Hilux van ALZ 1117 is currently parked at Central division headquarters while a manhunt for the UPND youths including Bwacha parliamentary aspirant Saidi Chibwana and central province youth chairman Milner Mwanakampwe has been launched.

Just like earlier reported by the Watchdog on Friday, PF leader Edgar Lungu had dispatched thugs to disrupt Hakainde Hichilema’s rally on Saturday but drew cold feet after the UPND youths disclosed that they would fight back.

Desperate to win the Kabwe central seat, Ngulube led some few thugs to try and cause havoc. In the process Ngulube fired three gun shots but later rushed to central police station to implicate the opposition youths as having attacked him.

Fearing that they would be blasted for their failed mission the thugs later went on rampage to attack some known PF cadres in Mpunde and Mukonchi, and later threw the mud at the opposition.

Tutwa Ngulube (left) with another conman Kaulungombe

Tutwa Ngulube (left) with another conman Kaulungombe




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