Police in Bartoseland arrest and keep 76-year old retired pastor incomunicado

Police in Barotseland last Friday at night arrested more people suspected of supporting and spearheading the separation of that region from the rest of Zambia.

But the Zambian authorities are conducting their operations with utmost brutality and are keeping arrested persons incommunicado and are not telling their families anything.

One of the people picked up in the middle of the night on Friday September 20, 2013 is a 76 retired pastor Kandeai Nalumino.

Pastor Nalumino was arrested from the newly created district Sikongo, which is at the border with Angola.

His family does not know where he is and what has happened to him from the time the police picked him up.

The police have not told the family anything.

Three other people are said to have been arrested the same night.

Pastor Nalumino was serving as pastor at Rusangu SDA mission in the 1980s.

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