Police in Mpongwe arrest a UPND member for denying them food

Hungry PF police in Mpongwe last night arrested a UPND member for denying them food meant for UPND campaign teams.

UPND cadres in Mpongwe said UPND members bought fresh foods including vegetables and meant and decided to keep at their member’s cold-room, Mr.Goodwin Chakolwa.

But some PF cadres led by Mpongwe DC a Mr. Nsali, went to the UPND member Mr. Chakolwa demanding for the foods or be reported to the police.

Mr. Chakolwa refused because the food belonged to the UPND camps.

The PF cadres then informed the police who ordered that Mr. Chakolwa hands over the food to the police and PF cadres.

But Mr. Chakolwa refused and instead called the UPND leaders to get the food as PF cadres and police wanted to forcefully grab it.

The move to give the food back to the UPND angered the police who said they also wanted the same food and arrested the UPND member Mr. Chakolwa who they charged with conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

When senior UPND leaders went to the police station last night to have their member released, they were told the police don’t release people at night.

This morning UPND leaders led by deputy Secretary General a Mr. Simusamba went to have their member released but they were told he had since been transferred to Luanshya and should be held until after 48 hours.

UPND leaders suspect the police, with instructions from hungry PF cadres now want to detain their member throughout the weekend.

Mr. Simusamba confirmed the incident and promised to give more details later.

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