Police condenm Kabonde’s Mufumbwe camping

Junior police officers in Mpika have observed that it was wrong for the Inspector General of Police (I.G), Francis Kabonde to camp in Mufumbwe during the by-election.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, the junior officers said it was unusual for the I.G to camp in Mufumbwe as if he was part of t6he campaign team.
Officers noted that had the I.G not been there his juniors could have controlled the situation, but could not work effectively because everything was in his hands.
The police said the I.G should have remained in Lusaka to attend to other issues and only receive reports from his men on the ground.
“How can you have the police boss moving to the battle front when he has subordinates, this is rather strange,” the officers said.
They said the I.G’s lack of foresight had exposed his inefficiency that fanned the violence in Mufumbwe.

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