Police in Mwinilunga kill one man over gold

Police in Mwinilunga  kill one man over gold

Mwinilunga – 09/11/19

One unidentified man of Chingola has died at Mwinilunga’s Minyanya health centre while several others are battling for their lives in Mwinilunga district hospital following a clash between the police and small scale gold miners at Kasensele yesterday.

According to eye witnesses,the clash followed accusations by the small scale miners that the police manning the newly discovered mining area were selling them soil which was said to contain gold nuggets but had nothing after washing.

The gold miners mainly from Copperbelt towns and the Congo are said to be buying sacks of soil dug from the area at K 300 each which they later wash with a view to extracting gold nuggets.

They were angered after the realization that most if not all bags contained nothing after the soil had been washed prompting them to approach the police to complain.

The police however decided to fire teargas at the complaining group leading to a riot which lasted between 08:30 to 14:00hrs yesterday as reinforcement was called in.

Several people including the unidentified Chingola resident who died as he was being evacuated to Solwezi Hospital were injured in the ensuing battle with the police.

Most of the small scale miners complained of having been tricked by the police as some of them had to get loans with a view to reaping profits from the business which has proven to be a disaster.


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