Police in process of arresting UPND Sesheke candidate

Police in process of arresting UPND Sesheke candidate


Police in Sesheke have summoned Romeo Kangombe, the UPND Sesheke parliamentary by-election candidate for possible arrest.

Meanwhile, the Watchdog understands that Sesheke residents will burn down the police station should Kangombe be arrested.

It’s not clear yet what trumped up charge the opposition candidate will be given but 10 police officers have been dispatched from Lusaka specifically for this mission.

One of the officers told the Watchdog that they have been looking for a case to give Kangombe from the time he refused to stand on PF ticket.

According to the police officer, Kangombe will now be charged with human trafficking for the role he played in retrieving some children who were trafficked to Namibia sometime back.

The children have now been told to change their statements to state that they were trafficked by Kangombe when in fact he is the one who helped the police.

By 10:30 local time, Sesheke police station had been surrounded by irate residents but their candidate had not even arrived at the police station.

The PF is struggling to find a sensible candidate for the February 12, 2019 Sesheke parliamentary by-election while the UPND has declared it a do or die contest.

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