Police interogate Chanda Chimba for his prophetic documentaries

Police interogate Chanda Chimba  for his prophetic documentaries

The PF regime Gestapo refered to as Government Joint Investigations Team August 8, 2012 interogated investigative journalist  Chanda Chimbafor for the ‘prophetic’  documentaries he made prior to the 2011 elections.

Chimba was also interogated in connection with the publication of a newspaper called Stand Up Zambia. He was interogated together with former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Sam.

The police recorded a warn and caution statement from the two journalists indicating that they maybe arrested very soon.

In the said prophetic documentaries, Chimba aptly predicted what is happening in Zambia today.

Among the numerous predictions based on research, Chimba predicted that Zambia will be under a Police State where people will be picked up at night and detained or deported without going throught a court process if certain people won the elctions.

He predicted that people will be jailed for expressing themselms. He predcited that Zambia will be divided along ethnic lines if certain individuals won the elections.

But now Chimba is charged with the tramped up offence of being in possession of propertysuspected of fruits of crime.

Acting public relation officer for the Government Joint Investigations Team Christopher Chibanku told the media  Chima is also charged with unlawful publication of a newspaper.

He said ‘the two newspapers namely ‘Stand up for Zambia’ and ‘News of our Time’ were published by the Zambia Daily Mail and he paid a total cash of Three Hundred and Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand Kwacha (K 310,500,000) for the publications. The money paid is suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Chibanku also said that,” Mr. Chimba III produced a documentary called  ‘Stand up for Zambia’ on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) and paid a total cash of K 172,940,433 to ZNBC.”

Samson Phiri was warned and cautioned for the offence of corrupt acquisition of public property and revenue contrary.

“Particulars are that Dr. Phiri between 1st January, 2011 and 1st November,2011 did acquire and divert K 175,000,000 from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services which was used in the publication of the ‘Zambian Newspaper’ which was a privately owned newspaper.”Chibanku said in his statement

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