Police interrogate General Chimese whole night

Police interrogate General Chimese whole night

A combined team of officers from the Anti- Corruption Commission, Drug Enforcement Commission, police and OP last Friday interrogated suspended ZAF commander Eric Chimese the whole night.

Meanwhile, earlier on Friday, General Chimese tried to meet President Edgar Lungu but ‘access was denied’, the Watchdog has been informed.

Chimese is being investigated for corruption which includes but not limited his acquisition of real property beyond his income.

When he was interrogated from 18 hours on Friday to 06 hours on Saturday morning , general Chimese was just pleading for leniency and making wild claims that if he is prosecuted the security of the country will be compromised.

Late last week, three other senior Zambia Airforce officers (ZAF) connected to Chimese were sent on forced leave to facilitate corruption investigations.

The three are Chief of Finance Brigadier General Newton Chitambo(in photo) Chief of Tech Brigadier General Kabanda and Operations Assistant Lt Colonel Phiri .

The three are scheduled for interrogations this week. We understand one of them is already ‘singing’.

General Chimese and his three ‘boys’ have been barred from entering any ZAF facility or leaving the country.

Chimese’s military security and cars have all been withdrawn.

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