Police interrogate RB’s former private secretary

Police interrogate RB’s former private secretary

The secretely re-constituted Task Force on Corruption on Independence Day and the previous weekend interrogated ex-president Rupiah Banda’s former private Secretary Robinson Mukuka Nkonde.

The former president had three senior private secretaries handling his personal and official mails, phones and appointments on the desk. Robison Nkonde is believed to have been the closest and is alleged to have been involved in the MMD campaigns.

The police summoned and questioned him on the source of funds used for the campaigns as well as purchasing of vehicles.

The police did not however record the famous ‘warn and caution statement’ but said he will be called back for further questioning by the task force.

Last week, the MMD petitioned the Lusaka high court seeking a declaration that searches which mmd officials and their relatives have subjected to are illegal and should be stopped. The MMD argues that the seized vehicles belong to the MMD. They said it is state to prove whether the cars were bought by stolen funds.

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