Police investigate Nelly Mutti’s law firm for fraud after she rejects PF job

Investigations into a prominent Lusaka lawyer’s law firm have intensified in recent days, unraveling a complex series of alleged frauds on the public payroll.

Nelly Muti

Well placed sources at the Ministry of Justice and the Zambia Police Service headquarters have revealed that the probe into Lukona Chambers, owned by lawyer Nelly Mutti, have reached an advanced stage with close to fourteen (14) ghost retirees discovered so far out of the more than three thousand (3,000) former government workers that the law firm has been paying money in various amounts channeled from the Attorney General’s Chambers.

One police source indicates that there could be more suspected ghost retirees that Mutti’s law firm may have been paying knowingly or unknowingly and she may face arrest for fraud.

“A few days ago our officers were at Lukona Chambers just to make certain verifications even though we didn’t find Mrs. Mutti as we were told she was out of the country. But the following day we spent almost the whole day with her at the Attorney General’s Chambers trying to establish what she knows about the 14 ghost retirees we have discovered,” said the source.

According to the police and Ministry of Justice sources, staff at Mutti’s law firm are tight lipped and keep referring all queries to her.

“That is why we were instructed to investigate this matter which involves a lot of money and has been going on for a few years now,” the sources added. Asked how much is really involved, the sources could not reveal the figure but it is believed the amount runs in billions of kwacha.

There are also rumours of a personal vendetta being pursued against the lawyer. Mutti is believed to have turned down a job offer as permanent secretary by President Michael Sata soon after he assumed office, a move he was not pleased with. Now it looks quite certain that Mutti may soon be arrested.

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    mwadyamweka dadi 5 years

    mr sata just pay the suppliers and contractors if you are not broke. people cant be paid and this has caused a chain reaction resulting in innocent zambians suffering

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    MAMAS 5 years

    This is sad, hope not true!

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    makuma 5 years

    Don’t waste your time talking politics when others are enjoying their lives with money without politics. See how this Zambian poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accident cars, Very interesting idea. Go to (USED.CO)not dot com, to see the various methods and companies that she was using (USED.CO) not dot com, it is A very simple idea but a very powerful One, Wake up Africans(USED.CO)

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    Good move by the ACC,Nelly has kept the money released by the govt,which was two months ago in her personal account, leaving the retirees to suffer even more.Lock her up please

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    Pompwe 5 years

    People stop playing politics, as former retiree, we’ve been waiting for more than 10 yrs and when l heard Govt is about to pay us off, alas this confusion!

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    Zimbwi should be sick in the mind.Why that foul language,we don’t need that silly thinking,be constructive in your comments.

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    Let the relevant authorities do their job without any interferance.The public should avoid any speculations & let the law take its course.

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    Chaco 5 years

    Didn’t GRZ counter check it’s retirees before releasing their dues?

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      The back starts and ends at AG’s Chambers! If there is any fraud the calprits are sitting at the Ministry of Justice. The investigating team should not rush this but move step by step as this problem could essentially a matrix eminating from the rentreching Ministry or Department running thru the Ministry of Finance and appendages like the Public Service Pensions Fund! The investigators must not rush this exercise as even other organs may be affected! One clue for them: relook at the actual files/dockets at Courts; then contrast the same with actual Personnel Files at Personnel Division! I only wish the investigators are given enough time, this is a just dionko bosses!

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    Zimbwi 5 years

    Tombeniko fye

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      Malabishi iye; can’t you just argue and debate you foolish demon