Police investigating Defence PS Mwale for grabbing ZNS cows

Police investigating Defence PS Mwale for grabbing ZNS cows

Stardy Mwale

Defence permanent Secretary Stardy Mwale has grabbed government land and constructed a lodge in Chilanga. Mwale and other PF officials have grabbed the government land opposite the Seed Control and Certification Institute in Chilanga ( full details coming)

Meanwhile, the Watchdog has been informed that security agencies are investigating Mwale for ordering Zambia National Service (ZNS) in Choma to transfer hundreds of cows to his newly acquired farm in Mazabuka.

A few months ago, Defence Permanent Secretary Stardy Mwale bought a farm for US$2 million from a white farmer in Mazabuka’s Chikankata area. He paid in cash. Now details have emerged that after buying the farm, Mwale abused his office by ordering ZNS to move some of the cows from
ZNS ranches to his newly acquired farm. ZNS falls under Mwale’s ministry.

Government sources tell the Watchdog that there is no record of Mwale having paid for the cows but that there is a trail to show that hundreds of cows were moved to his farm.

Even in the unlikely event that Mwale paid for the cows, as controlling officer for the ministry, it is a clear case of abuse of office and corruption for him to buy from the ministry he runs.

Just last week, Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo called for the arrest of a Stardy Mwale for failing to construct a Maternity Annex at Kabushi Clinic for five years.

Stardy Construction, a company owned and operated by Defence Permanent Secretary Stardy Mwale was awarded a 1.6 million tender to construct a Maternity Annex at the clinic.

Copperbelt Acting Health Director Christopher Dube confirmed that construction works started in 2013 and were expected to last a period of 18 months.

Dr. Dube also confirmed that the Mwale had been paid the 1.6 million Kwacha which is the value of the contract.

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