Police, journalists on duty won’t vote

Police, journalists on duty won’t vote

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says the special vote, where people like journalists and the police would be allowed to vote outside the polling stations where they are not registered, will not be used in the September 20 elections because the commission has not yet worked on modalities to implement the system.

ECZ director Priscilla Isaac said in Lusaka yesterday when she was responding to questions from delegates attending a Civil Society Election Coalition (CSEC-2011) training of trainers workshop who wanted to know why ECZ was not going to allow the special vote which was recognized in the electoral Code of Conduct.

Ms Isaac said the electoral process in Zambia had not reached a stage that could allow special voting and that the number of accusations of electoral malpractices the Commission was receiving from some sections of society was evidence of this.

“The issue needs to be taken to the drawing board for stakeholders to deliberate and come up with a procedure that would be acceptable by all. As ECZ we deliberated on it but we discovered that it had a number of loopholes.

She said the special voting system needed to be tried in some local government elections before it could be implemented in a general election.

She advised Civil Societies and other Non Governmental Organizations that would monitor this year’s elections to ensure that they do not send their monitors to far away places where they were likely to be disfranchised.

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