Police justify surrounding of Muvi TV

The Zambia Police Service has claimed that its decision to surround the Muvi TV premises following the suspension of its operating license is within the law.
Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga claimed that Police presence on Muvi TV premises is aimed at helping the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) which is a government institution to enforce the law on the suspension.
Mr. Hamoonga told Hot FM News that police is mandated to ‘corporate’ with any government agency that does not have the capacity to enforce the law.
He was reacting to concerns raised by the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) that despite the suspension of Muvi TV license being a civil matter, police turned the case into a criminal matter by heavily guarding the premises and preventing Muvi staff from entering.
The overzealous police had briefly detained Muvi TV staff when they moved in to force the station to close following the suspension of the broadcasting license by the IBA.

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