Police kill another defenceless citizen

Police kill another defenceless citizen


The young man in the photo (blue top) was Saturday shot dead by police in Chingola. His name was Lawrence Kafweta. Four of his friends are currently admitted at Nchanga North hospital nursing bullet wounds fired at them by Zambia state security forces.

The young men were collecting scrap metal at Nchanga open pit when police opened fire at them killing one instantly.

The young men are some of the youths that were promised old mines by the PF regime.

‘They were about 30 boys getting scrap and 5 were shot, 1 died on the spot, four are admitted in Nchanga north hospital,’ a source informed the Watchdog.

Lawrence will be buried today. His funeral is held in Maiteneke at Ndungu street Chiwempala in Chingola. Other photos are from his funeral house.

The police are desperately trying to cover up this murder.

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