Police kill two month old baby

Zambia police have killed a two month old Luanshya baby identified as Mapalo during the running battles fought with residents who were demonstrating the Killing of a Zambian driver, Patrick Mwila by Congolese soldiers.
Mwila, a resident of Luanshya was reportedly killed by Congolese soldiers inside Congo after he refused to give a K800 bribe to them and when his body was brought for burial on Saturday, people in Luanshya demanded for justice, looting Congolese shops and trucks.
In retaliation and with the usual brutality, riot police pursued the demonstrators and followed them into their residential areas, indiscriminately firing teargas canisters which in turn choked a two month old baby who was sleeping in one of the houses which was smoked.
According to sources in Mpatamatu, some people running away from armed police decided to take refuge in the house of the baby’s parents but police followed them up and immediately fired canisters which choked and killed the sleeping baby.
“What has happened is too sad, the parents of the baby were not part of the demonstrators but just because their house is along the road some demonstrators ran into the house but instead of police apprehending them, they fired the teargas right inside the house which led to the death of the baby. This is severe brutality and we demand that the police command be held answerable, this is a Hague case and they must also die,” said a Watchdog source who sought anonymity. The incident occured on Saturday.

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