Police kill two more in Mazabuka as riots continue

Two people have died in Mazabuka after being shot by police during riots that have rocked the town for the last two days.

The riots follow the death of two people in a stampede ignited after police tear gassed a named bar in the district.

The two men were shot by police officers who were trying to disperse an angry crowd.

Police have been trying to calm the situation in the town but the residents have persisted with their riotous behaviour.

The residents have also been stoning cars passing through the town.

And government has strongly condemned the use of live bullets by the police officers.

Home Affairs Minister MKHONDO LUNGU says Government regrets that Police in Mazabuka have continued with their unprofessional conduct.

Mr LUNGU has apologised on behalf of the government to the nation and the bereaved families.

The Home Affairs Minister has ordered the police command to institute investigations and ensure that those involved are held accountable and punished accordingly.

Mr LUNGU says it is unfortunate that the break down in the law and order has continued in Mazabuka resulting in damage to property.

He says Mazabuka General Hospital was damaged forcing health workers to flee the hospital leaving patients un attended to.

Mr LUNGU has since ordered for the deployment of more officers to Mazabuka.

He has appealed to the residents to remain in doors to allow the Police to keep law and order.

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