Police kill two more people in Maamba

Police kill two more people in Maamba


Two more people have died in Sinazongwe following the brutality by C5 who quell the riots that erupted wgen Esau Chulu announced that Edgar Lungu won the elections.
Yesterday Sinazongwe was rioting in Kanchindu area in Mweemba and Malima.

One of the people who died is the wife of UPND constituency chairman Edical Siabana in Maamba Hospital today following the beatings she suffered at the hands of the police. Many more people sustained injuries and are receiving Medical care at Maamba hospital

Many people have now opted to leave their homes and run for their lives living in the bushes to avoid being murdered by the police.
Yesterday the Police arrested over 200 people in Mweemba area alone and more than 200 in Malima.. Not only that, reports indicate that those arrested could be more than the number reported because all the cells in sinazeze and Maamba are full of people arrested.

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