Police lock up journalist Hamasaka, says found obscene material on his laptop

Police in Lusaka have charged Former Evelyn Hone College Journalism Lecturer Clason Hamasaka with possession of obscene material.

The police claim that they found obscene materials on his laptop, which they have been keeping for two weeks.

Meanwhile, the police are were trying to force Thomas Zgambo to write a letter in his own handwriting so that they can implicate him to a letter they claim they found at his house. The document details president Michael Sata’s life history and includes his list of concubines.

Zgambo refussed to write anything.

The real reason Hamasaka is being harassed and persecuted like Wilson Pondamali and Thomas Zgambo is their perceived links to the Zambian Watchdog.

Hamasaka is currently detained as his lawyers are trying to secure a police bond for him.

When Human Rights activist Brebner Changala tries to sign bond for Hamasaka, the police refused saying he has no fixed aboard.

Offences of obscene materials are contained in section 177, of the Penal Code of  Zambian.

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