Police lock up six Evelyn Hone college students

Police have locked up six Evelyn Hone College students for taking part in the riots that have engulfed the biggest public college.

Thursday afternoon, students at Evelyn Hone College rioted on the third day of demonstrations over PF government’s failure to improve sanitary and the general learning environment at the biggest public college.

The students were also incensed by PF minister of education John Phiri who called them dull students.

The students blocked Church road near Fairview Hotel and later fought with riot police.

Four male and two female students are currently detained at Lusaka central police.

The students are rioting against PF regime’s failure to improve sanitary and other learning conditions at the college despite promising to do so within 90 days of taking up office.

Students also want government to provide them with transport to make their learning bearable.

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