Police looking for ‘stolen’ UPND property at UPND offices

Police looking for ‘stolen’ UPND property at UPND offices

Brutality in Zambia now

Desperation and working under pressure from instructions yesterday made the PF police rush to opposition UPND headquarters looking for property stolen from UPND but with a legal warranty that had no physical address.

The police, with a wrong search warranty document could not explain how property stolen from UPND could be at UPND offices.

UPND lawyers Martha Mushipe and Sakwiba Sikota together with senior party leaders demanded to have the right documents from police before a search could be conducted at party headquarters.

The police search warranty indicated that UPND had lost some properties and items from the party headquarters but lawyers argued that the party had not reported any lost items anything the premises.

The PF police, heavily armed with AK47 riffles, also said they were looking for seditious materials at the party headquarters but the warranty did not even state or identify the place to be searched as required by the law.

Two weeks ago, police issued a call-out to UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema, that was back-dated to July this year.

Speaking after the botched search operation at UPND headquarters, Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota said they would not allow intimidation of party members by police officers.

The opposition political parties, the church, and other interest groups have been complaining that Zambia was slowly being turned into Zimbabwean style police state.

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