Police loot Chibombo accident victims once again

In a period of less than two months police officers have once again looted the cash and personal belongings of the Lusaka bound minibus in which 17 people have so far died.

Zambian watchdog investigations have revealed that the police who are usually the first people to arrive at the scene have not declared any money or personal belongings of the deceased.

Reliable sources from the police told the Zambian Watchdog that highway accidents were a ‘lottery’ to some policemen and whenever an accident arose, they all aspired to be at the scene. “It is strange how some of our colleagues want to be at the accident scene, but accidents for a long time have been a lottery to poorly paid officers,” said the source.

In February 55 people died in a Postbus accident along the same road and no items were declared to be found at the scene by police raising suspicions from people but police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela rubbished the allegations of police involvement in the looting accusing hopeless villagers along the highway as being the looters.

A 26 year old Kabwe businessman Kennedy Bwalya said the early morning Lusaka bound bus was business bus and people carried huge sums of money on them.
“I also use this early bus which enables us to be in Lusaka as early as 08:00hrs in time for shopping so that just after business we can come back, most people carry plenty of money on them, said Bwalya who said he had lost a friend in the fatal accident.

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