Police, rescuers loot from the dead in Chibombo accident

Some family members of the victims from the Chibombo accident have claimed that their relatives had colossal sums of money on them but suspect police and possibly ‘good Samaritans’ have taken advantage of the misfortune to loot the remains.
A Copperbelt based relative to one of the victims said his brother had over K180 million (KR1 80,000) meant for fertilizer purchases in Lusaka but neither the bag nor the money has been declared by Police.
“My brother was a businessman and on that day he started off on a trip to go and pay for fertilizer in Lusaka, he had over K180 million on him, but we have not heard any declarations from the police,” he said.
And some independent investigation by the watchdog reveal that property looting could have taken place due to the late arrival of security personnel. Eye witnesses and sources from Zambia Postal services corporation (ZAMPOST) also disclosed that the fatal bus was mainly intended for business people moving from copperbelt to Lusaka and as such may not rule out the possibility of some people having colossal amounts of money on them.
Police have not yet made a public statement on the declarations found at the scene. There has been a number of accusations on the looting of accident victims which is mostly blamed on police traffic officers who are usually the first ones to arrive on the scene and take control of events.

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