Police meekly dispute Lusambo on road blocks

Police meekly dispute Lusambo on road blocks

The Zambia Police wishes to state that in the recent past, a Ministerial Statement was presented in Parliament by the Minister of Home Affairs, in which he announced the reduction of roadblocks countrywide.

We also wish to clarify that the roadblocks that were refered to in the Ministerial Statement were Permanent Security road blocks and these are roadblocks which operate on a 24 00 hours basis mainly for security reasons such as search for wanted and trafficked persons, stollen property and address many other security concerns.

Other than these permanent roadblocks there are also snap check points which are random in nature and are mounted by traffic officers at different points in enforcing the Road Traffic Act hence ensuring that there is sanity on the roads.

The snap checks are ussually mounted between 09 00 hours and 16 00 hours. Before 09 00 hours and after 17 00 hours, traffic officers are usually involved in traffic management.

The permanent roadblocks were indeed reduced on the basis that they were counter productive and were an inconvenience to the travelling public.

However, on snap checks which are random checkpoints, a directive was given by the Minister of Home Affairs that they should be well coordinated by Police Commissioners of Provinces to avoid being an inconvenience to the travelling public.

Section 21 of the Zambia Police Act gives mandate to the Zambia Police to regulate and control traffic as well as keep and maintain order on public roads.

We therefore wish to advise members of the public to understand the distinction between Permanent Security Roadblocks and Snap Traffic checks and should always verify with authorities on the legality of checkpoints and roadblocks before effecting citizens arrests on officers suspected to have mounted an illegal checkpoint.



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    citi 1 week ago

    Lusambo is the only sane minister remaining in PF. Majority are a dane hyenas with no hart for  citizens.

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    Kalok 1 week ago

    Stop harassing people on stupid reflectors!!!! How many accidents have you recorded occasioned by not having those silly things defacing motor vehicles kanshi!? Ati snap roadblocks ifyabupuba fye! Atase mwe mbwa mwe!

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    tione 1 week ago

    Iwe Easter,

    What snap checks when you can clearly see kuti even when they control traffic mmawa they catch us? Even as early as 6 koloko they are already at 13 miles GNR and Kalundu on Mumbwa road. Balibe manyumba? In town they are pouncing on minibuses that did not cash in yesterday as early as 7 hours. What sort of snap checks are these? Are you ZRA? Even security check points have permanent Traffic checks why? Even an immigration officer or wa council levy will be asking about driving licence at such check points. Please dont distroy our country like this for your own selfish ends. Zambia muzaisiya let your grand children fond a better Zambia please.

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    tasman 1 week ago

    Total confusion in pf i thought this is suppose to come the home affairs department not a provincial minister.

  • comment-avatar
    Coco 1 week ago

    All along I didn’t understand Hon Lusambo’s character .
    I can now see that he stands for people’s interests . One of the very few GRZ officials who care for citizens wellbeing .

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    Coco 1 week ago

    This is a statement to protect illegality and criminality among the police . These so called snap roadblocks are clearly a source of illicit money for criminals in the police and GRZ knows this .
    It is sad that the police are attempting to defy and undermine a senior government minister in order to continue abusing citizens .
    Citizens must refuse to obey illegal government activities and effect citizens arrest of officials involved in criminality .

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    AKASHAMBATWA 1 week ago

    @JIMBU… you are spot on, these road blocks are not done to do checks but done for corrupt reasons. why should a G9, 6mouths trained corrupt boy/girl be so powerful on the road. problem is, Katongo and her ZP do not understand the impact these foolish roadblocks have on the economy. infact its economic sabotage done by these corrupt T/Os and they must be arrested and charged for treason.

    Hon. Lusambo donot relent, anyone on the side of the pipo always wins.

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    Kats 1 week ago

    On this one you have done a good job, because here in Northwestern it was too much. If you driving along Mwinilunga Road, you find the first Check point at Kandemba, after 30Km you find them at Mutanda, after 30km, you find them after Maheba, after 10km you find them at R1, and after about 35Km you again find them at Jihundu junction, and you have to bribe them at all these points.Welcome.   

  • comment-avatar
    Kanji Pauls 1 week ago

    You now wonder who is in control

  • comment-avatar
    Shaa 1 week ago

    For now, as many roads are being done in and around Lusaka, an agreement can be made where traffic officers can suspend these sometimes unnecessary snap checks because really they block or congest traffic for nothing….they can easily mobilise to mount up checks when there is some emergency security check that needs to be done…..otherwise these checks really are an inconvenience in most instances….especially when all roads seem to be worked on nowadays….

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    Esther Katongo,please advise your corrupt officers to get out of our roads before we arrest and beat them up!!!Hon.Lusambo is very right.99% of money collected by these corrupt officers end up in their pockets,so what is the point of supporting that nonsense?Almost all traffic officers in towns have built and live better than some learned directors while these officers are merely G9 and G12 school drop outs!!!We buy vehicles for ourselves and not for police to make money out of it-period!!!Lusambo is the only hard working PF minister who makes sense to many Zambians!!KEEP IT UP HON.LUSAMBO!!