Police now demanding personal details of anyone entering Western province

Police now demanding personal details of anyone entering Western province

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 06.21.27People entering or leaving  Barotseland (Western Province) are required to sign in their names.

On the other hand, lodges and other accommodation providers are required to submit the names of their guests to the OP.

Asked why this was necessary some police officer indicated that the personal details were required for some statistical purposes he did not name.

A disappointed traveler affected had this to say when asked,

“Yes, to drive to Barotseland I was told I needed to sign in a book as well as when coming back to Lusaka.It was the first time I was going to Mongu and I felt what happened to me was strange. So I asked some officers why I needed to sign, and some said they were carrying out statistics, while the others declined to give me any explanation”

Another disappointed visitor to Barotseland had this to say;

“I lodged in some (named) Lodge in Mongu. I was not given a receipt for my purchases. When I insisted that I needed it, the lady at the reception told me that they were not able to give receipts because the original goes to the OP.

Meanwhile, Barotseland, particularly Mongu is still under ‘State of Emergency’ given the high number of Zambian armed security forces roaming the streets.

Zambia’s Daily Nation newspaper in their 11th December 2013 issue quoted the former Zambian Prime Minister in the UNIP administration, General Malimba Masheke, challenging the Zambian government to explain if it had declared a ‘state of emergency’ in Western Province (Barotseland) following the continued heavy presence of security personnel in the region after the release of 54 Lozis who had been charged with treason creating a lot of tension in the area.

The residence of the former Ngambela (traditional prime minister of Barotseland), Clement Sinyinda, who was released from jail two weeks ago, with 53 others, under treason charges for example, is reported to have been surrounded by heavily armed police, and the people of Mongu are wondering if the police have been deployed at his (Sinyinda) home to protect him or the man was actually under house arrest.

Masheke also challenged the area MP Nathaniel Mubukwanu and Zambian Gender Minister Inonge Wina to show good leadership by coming out in the open and tell the people what the PF led Zambian government was really thinking about Lozis.

Masheke said that it was unacceptable to subject the people of Barotseland to torture and oppression instead of letting them to enjoy peace and stability.

He further wondered why the Zambian government had beefed up security which was now causing disturbances and fear among innocent people, all in the name of maintaining order, when in fact the people in the region were very peaceful.

Masheke, also demanded for an explanation from PF members hailing from Barotseland to explain the logic behind the presence of security personnel because it violated people’s human rights.


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