Police now raiding commercial printers over Post newspaper

A combined team of Zambia police, Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) and OP officers are this morning raiding commercial printing companies which they suspect of  printing the Post newspaper.

By 10 hours, the police were checking printing companies along Lumumba road to see which one is printing the Post.

Following direct orders from outgoing president Edgar Lungu the ZRA backed by the police and OP, shut down the Post newspaper but the paper has been selling on the streets and has become even more popular.

A source at one of the commercial printing companies told the Watchdog that ‘Imagine they are now harassing even innocent business premises. They were very sure last night they found the place the paper is printed from now they are shocked to see it today again.

ZRA is using a disputed tax amount as reason for closing the Post but everyone knows that emerging dictator Edgar Lungu wants the Post out of his rigging way.

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