Police officer shielding robbers after getting bribe

Police officer shielding robbers after getting bribe

Medical ReportDear Editor,

Please allow me space in your online publication to expose the corrupt activities of a police officer named Chipepo of Lusaka Central Police who has been blocking a clear case of aggravated robbery from going to the courts of law. Chipepo illegally released three suspected robbers who had brutally attacked a resident of Shibuyunji area using knives, screwdrivers and metal objectives after he received KR80, 000 from the suspected robbers. The attackers also grabbed money, a cell phone and a bicycle which has since been recovered by Shibuyunji police. The victim was taken to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) by the area councilor where he was given a medical report by a government doctor confirming the injuries he had.(See attached medical report)

Shibuyunji police then carried out investigations which not only led to the arrest of the suspects but also the recovery of the victim’s bicycle. A docket for aggravated robbery was opened by Shibuyunji police and the bicycle was retained by Shibuyunji police as evidence to be presented in court. The suspects were handed over to Lusaka Central Police for court proceedings to commence but surprisingly, Chipepo, who is in the C.I.D at Lusaka Central Police, decided to release the suspected robbers after receiving KR80, 000 from them thereby obstructing justice and worse still, he removed the medical report from the docket which then sent back to Shibuyunji police. Since then, Chipepo has been threatening the victim each time he makes a follow-up on the matter. Also, the victim is living in fear of his life as the suspected robbers are still on the looseand Chipepo is feeding the suspected robbers on the victim’s movement.

The C.I.O at Shibuyunji police, a Mr. Konga is also ready to testify in this matter which is being blocked by Chipepo. Besides, Shibuyunji police are now stuck with the bicycle, which is supposed to be tendered as evidence before the courts of law. Interestingly, after Chipepo removed the medical report from the docket, he believed the matter had died down but was shocked to discover that the victim had a photocopy of it. He then began pleading with the victim with promises of a KR15, 000 compensation so that he could drop the charges. The victim flatly refused the overture, insisting the matter be taken to court in the interest of justice and fair play. After being spurned, Chipepo has now resorted to monitoring the victim’s movements and giving this information to the suspected robbers about the victim’s movements. At the same time, Chipepo has been threatening the suspected robbers and extorting money from them.

This is not only a serious case of corruption and negligence but also an embarrassment to the police command where a police officer is motivated by the love of money to endanger the lives of innocent citizens by shielding dangerous criminals and abetting crime. The Inspector General of Police Madam Stella Libongani and her deputy Solomon Jere must investigate Chipepo to establish why he released the three suspected robbers despite the availability of overwhelming evidence against them and also establish who the KR80, 000 was shared with.

It is curious that as late as Monday this week, Chipepo was seen in the company of these suspected robbers, giving rise to speculation as to what his motives are. His interest in the matter is questionable as the case did not originate from Lusaka Central Police but was only passed on for onward transmission to the court.

Chipepo once served at Kabangwe and Westwood Police stations where he was notorious for conniving with criminals and cattle rustlers. In fact, a former Katuba constituency Member of Parliament is on record as having complained about Chipepo’s reckless actions and blatant disregard for the law through connivance with criminals.

Madam Stella Libongani and Solomon Jere, please investigate why Chipepo is blocking the case from going to court and let him not be involved in this case because he received KR80, 000 corrupt money. You should also stop him from communicating with the suspected robbers and allow the due process of the law to take its course and ensure he is disciplined.


Concerned citizen

(Please withhold my name)

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