Police officer goes on shooting spree, kills one

Police officer goes on shooting spree, kills one

20TH APRIL, 2019 – There was a shooting incidence which occured today 20th April, 2019 at between 07 00 hours and 08 00 hours in which a fugitive police officer identified as Constable Mwanza Jackson went to Chinama Health College where he shot a first year clinical officer student identified as Andrew Zimba aged 20 years of Mulungushi hostel in his left leg and bruised his left thigh.

He further went to Mtendere Sochabe garage where he found his girlfriend chatting with two mechanics and began shooting and shot dead Dickson Mwanza aged 32 of Mtendere on his right chest and left leg, while Albert Chinungo was shot on his forehead and is in the ICU.

He further went on to look for his girlfriend who had run away and ended up shooting her friend Felistus Tembo aged 23 on her right arm.

He has so far shot four people among them three men of which one has died and one female. All the survivors are receiving treatment at Levy Mwanawasa hospital.

The fugitive officer at some point booked a grey Toyota Carina which is impounded.

All this started yesterday in which a case of unlawful wounding which occurred yesterday, 19th April, 2019 at about 1955 hours at Ben Mwinga Police Post in PHI in which a student at Chinama Health College identified as Nike Fungulwa was stabbed in the head, shoulder and on the arm by a police officer identified as Constable Jackson Mwanza using a military knife.

Earlier in the day yesterday, at about 1700 hours, the officer allegedly went to the room of the student to confront him on suspicion that he had an affair with the officer’s girl friend aged 24 of Mtendere compound and the student ran to Ben Mwinga police post to report the matter.

The officer is then reported to have gone to mtendere compound where his girl friend works and confronted her and paper sprayed the room where she was. The woman also managed to escape and ran to Ben Mwinga Police post to report and the officer followed the victim to Ben Mwinga where he found Nike Fungulwa, the student he was suspecting to have an affair with his girlfriend.

The officer became violent and pulled out a military knife and stabbed the Chinama student (Nike).

When officers tried to apprehend him he escaped and another report was recieved today as explained above. A man hunt has been launched.


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