Police Officer refuses to vacate institutional House at Shibuyunji, threatens others with Witchcraft

Dear Editor,

As a police officer, I am concerned and greatly affected by the activities of a fellow police officer by the name of Sabuya and I thought of bringing this to the attention of the higher authorities,  through your publication.
Mr Sabuya was transferred about two (2) years ago from Shibuyunji Police Station to Makeni Police Check Point as a Traffic officer under Westwood Police.
Despite his transfer, he has refused to move from the institutional house at Shibuyunji Police Station, thereby inconveniencing our colleague who has replaced him by forcing him to be travelling from Lusaka to Shibuyunji on a daily basis and at great cost. On the other  hand, Mr Sabuya himself continues to travel from Shibuyunji Police Station to Makeni Police Check Point every day but does not feel the pinch as he makes enough money from his corrupt activities.
In fact, he has boasted that he is on the ATM because cash is not a problem to him. Any officer who stands up to him is threatened with witchcraft and everyone is afraid of his witchcraft activities. In fact it is believed that he is keeping an ‘ilomba’, hence refusing to vacate the house.
Further, sometime last year, this officer ran over some people in the area and threatened us not to write a report about this occurrence. As a result, he went scot-free on this matter. Surely, he is not above the law.
At his new posting, he has engaged himself in unprecedented levels of corruption which has seen him acquire several vehicles. He has also built a tavern and other buildings right in front of Shibuyunji Police Station where he sells ‘Shake Shake’ and other intoxicants including the sinking of a borehole at this same place among others.
Sabuya’s actions present a serious conflict of interest in our operations because each time we arrest patrons from his tavern for offences such as loitering, fighting, etc; he accuses us of undermining his business. His actions are also compromising law and order as we are afraid of his witchcraft.
I’m therefore appealing to the Inspector General of police Madam Stella Libongani and her deputy Dr Solomon Jere  to immediately investigate this matter and help us, as the situation is getting out of hand.
I am further calling upon the Anti – Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate whether his past and present emoluments justifies his current financial status.
Disgusted Police Officer
(Please kindly withhold my name)

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