‘Police officers shielding crminals’


6th August, 2015.


We want to bring to the attention of the public that some Police officers at Nangweshi police post in Sioma district of western province are shielding the criminals in the case of a murder which occurred between 20th and 21st June, 2015.

From the 21st June,2015 when the body of the deceased (Emmanuel Nakanda) was found in the Zambezi river, no single arrest has been made despite the office knowing the suspects of who they have been left to enjoy life, despite life has been lost.

Our greatest disappointment as the family is that, we have lost confidence with some of the officers at the Nangweshi. We had some meetings with the provincial office at Police, but there efforts seem to be in vain. Sadly enough is that a case of animals was reported at Kaanja Agric camp and police recovered the animals

But for the case of the murder nothing is happening. Which is more valuable a cow or human????????

The questions we are now asking are:

Why should the police officers who have been entrusted to offer security to the citizens of Zambia are not taking keen interest, we see that they are promoting criminals because the criminals shall continue with such activities.

Why are suspects not in custard because those should lead to the criminals. There being outside is compromising with the investigation. Do they mean they can only get serious unless they are paid or not?

We are appealing to Police command at provincial and Police Headquarters to intervene in this case by providing independent police officers to conduct the investigations. If this kind of attitude is not attended to, crime shall continue at Nangweshi and country as whole as they criminals shall not face the wrath of law.

We want justice to prevail regardless of who is related to who , what inclination is that person belongs to in society. Crime is crime.

Family Members


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